Unit 32. Giving Feedback

One way to motivating learners is by providing feedback. We talk to the learners about skills, behavior, attitudes to learning and their progress. We provide feedback to the whole class or to individuals.

We can provide feedback either in written form or orally.

Teachers give feedback on pronunciation, behavior or progress. They could be on grammatical mistakes or for encouragement. They could be on attitudes, ideas or on language.

Feedback should be positive. We need to focus on the positive aspects of the students’ learning rather than in their negative aspects. Focusing on the positive aspects help weaker of less confident students.

When should we provide feedback? at any time. While monitoring or during a lesson. At the beginning or at the end of a lesson.

Use the TKT glossary to find the meaning of these terms: get students’ attention, one-to-one, seating arrangement.







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