Unit 29. Teacher Roles

The teacher uses different roles in the language classroom:


Informer: the teacher gives the learners detailed information about the language or about an activity.


Monitor, because the teacher goes around the class during individual, pair and group work activities, checking learning.

Involver, who makes sure all the learners are taking part in the activities



Resource, because the teacher can be used by the learners for help and advice.

Our roles as teachers change according to the age, the level and the needs of our students.

If we choose our roles appropriately, this will help with the correct flow of the classes

Nowadays, the roles of the language teacher is changing. Technology has been added to language classes.

Some roles (parent, friend) are more suitable for younger learners than for adults

Our roles change as the lesson is developed:

Since lessons have stages, there are role changes in different stages:

Before the lesson: we are planners and diagnosticians, since we need to anticipate problems

During the lesson: presenters, monitors, informers, managers and resources

After the lesson: planners and diagnosticians again

Think on a lesson you have had recently. Which of the teacher roles discussed above do you think the teacher used in the lesson? which roles were missing from that lesson? Can you think of times in the lesson when they might have been suitable?

Look at your TKT glossary. Look for the words informer, monitor, diagnostician, involver, planner, manager.


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